Did You Make The Mistake of Missing Wanderlust?


Not to worry, I’ve got the goods for you on what you missed at thee sexy yoga dance party to date. We’re still starry-eyed from the mountain top wonders of Wanderlust  in  Squaw Valley. On an endless list of utterly amazing offerings, the very tip-top is clear and sparkling as Lake Tahoe itself…

The music.

In all honesty, the line-up for Wanderlust 2013 didn’t tickle us too much pre-fest. In previous years they hosted heavy headliners like reggae legend, Ziggy Marley,  king of kirtan, Krishna Das and indie icons, Thievery Corp.  But we didn’t see this year’s set list with such glowing glory until…


Quixotic on the D’Om stage

BAM! Here’s a little Quixotic to hypnotize your eyes and ears, and how about a bit of East Forest poolside for your ambient afternoon listening pleasure? Lest not forget the sexy violin stylings of Hannah Thiem who bowed beautiful tunes from atop a floating stage.

Oh, Blisstival not totally familiar with Gramatik you say? Here, listen and let equal parts hip-hop, funk, jazz, and booty bass not only blow, but vaporize your mind! To top our ignorant asana, Random Rab dropped some dreamy jams that sent us to our tents with lush vibes that made our nylon sleeping bags feel like crushed velvet.

That first day and night of surprisingly epic acts stunned every ounce of our Blisstival beings.  It set the tone and flavor for even more tasty music to be devoured over the weekend.


Random Rab DJ-ing a lullaby at the Shala stage

Saturday we mellowed out just be mashed up. GSol stroked our groove spot just right with slithering Spanish Flemenco style that blends with full-bodied seventies funk reminiscent of Bootsy Collins–but on tranquilizers. Incredible performance artists Ahni Radvanyi and Chris Filkins of Troupe Royale brought brilliant romance to the sultry party with astonishing choreographed AcroYoga.

Meanwhile, the oh-so sexy Euro house of French DJ duo, Caravan Palace picked up the fest pace with their own  je ne sais quoi. During a sundown set, they pumped up Wanderlustians with their  playful, electro-swing. A spellbound sound any gypsy yogi would gulp down if poured into a fancy glass.

2013-07-20 19.52.00

Caravan Palace giving us a taste of French electro-swing! Yummmy!

We kept it kicking into the eve with MC Yogi and DJ Drez who bumped high vibes a notch even higher with a new track, “Forward”. MC Yogi led the crowd with a super catchy dance sequence that got us moving “inward, forward, upward, and outward” under the glittering stars.

2013-07-20 21.41.22

MC Yogi & DJ Drez helping us go “Forward”


…and start a Yogi Revolution

The delectable dance appetizers prepped us perfectly for the main course that master chef of EDM, Moby, served. The first tracks he laid down completely pummeled the crowd with old-school warehouse rave, then progressed into bone crushing drum and bass. He teased us into the late night with build ups that had no drop to their endless ascent, leaving us begging for more mad noise. Bob Marley might say he “brutalized [us] with music”.

No words  can truly capture the mind and body explosion that is Moby. But to put it simply, it felt painfully good. Like the kind of good you feel after jumping out of an airplane, then drift down through clouds back to Earth. Or the first time you have… well, you get the picture.

2013-07-20 23.46.40

Moby brutalizing with bass

Sunday’s sound wound us down from the high alti-tunes of Moby. Fabian Alsultany spun nothing but Hollywood house fabulousness, followed by the chilled out stretchy jams of DJ Hyfi.

In closing, Moby shared his full spectrum of Goddess given talent during his acoustic set when he strummed renditions of his own sing-a-long songs like “South Side”. He weaved in timeless covers such as Joplin’s “Me and Billy Mc Gee” in which Moby confessed has, “One of the most romantic lyrics of any love song [he’s] ever heard.” You had to be there to guess what that line is…

On that note, we’re head-over-heels, butterflies in the tummy, perma-grin from ear to ear in LOVE with Wanderlust.

So much so that, we’ll cover other awesome experiences in coming posts. Stay tuned for more adventures of Blisstival at Wanderlust Lake Tahoe...

If you were there, comment below about your own blissed out musical experiences while in the happy village of Wanderlust-ville!