Lucidity Festival…Pre-Dream Intentions

animated banner ad for WP (2)Typically, Blisstival reviews events after they happen and our writer(s) have experienced them. However – rules are made to be broken, right? Especially when it comes to this festival. A recurrent theme for Lucidity‘s festival is the notion of lucid dreaming. Remaining aware enough of the fact that one is dreaming to drive and truly enjoy your dreams. According to Jonah Haas, Lucidity’s Marketing director and Co-Founder, there are some incredible reasons one might desire to have lucid dreams. That was a hyperlink to his article on said reasons, in case you missed it 🙂 

Well, one of the key elements to lucid dreaming is setting intentions. Intentions to remember your dreams, identify dream signs (hints that you are in fact dreaming) and reminding yourself that once you know you are dreaming, it’s time to have some fun. Intentions, as it were, must be identified and decided upon beforehand. So Blisstival has decided to cover some pre-festival yumminess and set some intentions. Mind you – we all know how valuable intentions can be, but one must be careful of becoming too committed to expectations. Expectations can ruin a perfectly good – anything. That said, Lucidity – The Totem’s Return offers more than just a few things to be excited about.Photo courtesy of Lucidity Festival

Photo courtesy of Lucidity Festival LLC

Lucidity’s 2nd annual festival in Live Oak Campground near Santa Barbara, CA continues an established commitment to highly participative art, individual growth and healing, the expansion of consciousness, green living, responsibility to communities, reciprocity, transparency, and most of all – creating a safe environment in which people of all ages can learn to remember how to play and enjoy each other and each experience as it comes (Paraphrased from Lucidity’s Core Values). Through interactive art exhibits, musical performance ranging from Phutureprimitive’s genre bending and blending electronic music to the Kirtaniya’s (who will play sets of both more classical Kirtan call and repeat mantra music and their latest creation, Kirtaniyas BassMantra – which is basically the result of Kirtan and Electronic Dance Music falling in love, getting married, and having a beautiful child they raised together) – the music alone is set to expand minds and blow hearts wide open. But that’s only the beginning.

As part of Lucidity's commitment to green sustainability, no throw-away paper maps will be distributed - instead, all 3-day participants and performers will receive this reusable and useful bandana with the grounds map printed upon it. Image and design Copyright and Courtesy of Lucidity Festival, LLC.

As part of Lucidity’s commitment to green sustainability, no throw-away paper maps will be distributed – instead, all 3-day participants and performers will receive this reusable and useful bandana with the grounds map printed upon it. Image and design Copyright and Courtesy of Lucidity Festival, LLC.

Healers from all modalities will be gifting their services to festival attendees – and will likely accept any form of love donation in return, be that other services, tangible gifts, or hugs. Knowledge Keepers from all walks will share their wisdom on such topics as the Divine Feminine, Extraordinary Relationship building, Religious Acceptance (as opposed to mere “tolerance” – that’s a whole conversation in and of itself), Food Sovereignty, and Social Transformance – just to name a few. With Workshops on Essential Oils, Ecstatic Dance, Tantric Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Belly Dancing, and even Blisstival’s own Jai Bhakti (aka John Apt) giving a talk on Bhakti – the path of devotion – Lucid Dreamers will need to wake up early to take in all of the blissful learning that will be available.

A few other major highlights of the festival’s lineup are the incredible films that will be screened at the event. Awaken to Lucidity, a documentary showcasing the festival’s 2012: Awake in Your Dreams event will connect first-timers with the history and past experience of the legacy. Electronic Awakening, director Andrew Johner’s inquiry into the spiritual movement intimately entwined into the Electronic Music scene, will explore the relationships between sound and consciousness that are nothing new, only reinvented time and time again. Last but certainly not least, Jeet-Kei Lung’s The Bloom Series: Episode 1  explores the phenomenon of transformational festivals springing up all around the world – and ties Lucidity’s attendees directly into that web of transformance.

Art is Life is Function is Love is Lucid Awareness. Intentions for this festival are to see and experience with complete openness and awe – to seek and find that which resonates – and to live and breathe that authenticity fully, lovingly, and lucidly. By the way – there are still a few tickets available for this amazing, transformational journey – so enough with reading articles about how awesome Lucidity: The Totem’s Return is going to be – go buy your ticket. A special, promotional surprise awaits those called to click here and invest in their transformation.

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